Sunday, February 4, 2018

Review of Joann Store's "Learn to Crochet" Class

Looking to pick up crochet as a hobby?  I highly recommend starting at Joann's  "Learn to Crochet Class"  as I did last October!  Here's why:

Why I'm "hooked" on this class:

1.  Price: When starting a new hobby I like to learn from a real person because I'm going to have a million questions!  That's just the type of person I am.  Of all the resources I found in my area: Michaels' classes, local yarn store classes, and private lessons this was the cheapest and looked like it covered the most material so I gave it a shot.  Since taking this class I've figured out how to get Joann's classes half price!  Keep an eye out for a post on that tip coming up.

2.  Organization, quantity, and quality of info:  This class was three hours long and covered a lot!!  It started right from the beginning, the slip knot and went through creating a chain, single, double, and treble crochet.  The class didn't cover the slip stitch or half double but I was given a lot of hand outs so I would remember all the info.  The handouts included the two missing stitches.  The teacher also covered yarn weights, explained the different types of crochet needle sizing/materials, and gave me a tour of yarn department (in case you're wondering this was NOT a sales pitch by the teacher, just a nice grandma showing me her favorite yarns and hooks).  I've never taken a Michaels' crochet class (although I'm signed up for one next month).  From what I can tell from the website you only learn the slip knot, chain, and single crochet in the beginner class but you do complete a project in the class.  My teacher had a project ready for me to try but I was so slow we never got to it.
This is what I accomplished in class.  My first piece of crochet ever!  I've come a long way baby.

3.  Free supplies:  All the materials were included!  Check out the supply list on the registration page.  If it says, "Free supplies provided by the vendors while they last" then you receive a free skein of Lion yarn, a free crochet hook (plastic), and a free tote bag.  Who doesn't need a free tote bag?

4.  Small class size:  The teacher at this store only allows 4 students per class.  I was the only student in my class so the lesson was private!  Score!  When you go to the website you can see how many available seats are left in the class.  Compare the student count of the class at the time you want to take with a class further in future to see how many students the teacher allows and how many are signed up.

Below is an example I grabbed off the site.  This is from the "Learn to crochet class".  Does this teacher only allow two students?  Maybe.  Let's look at the other classes the same instructor teaches to see the max.
Ah ha!  This "Crocheted Cactus" class that is coming up has 5 available seats.  That might be the max.  So that means the other class has 3 students already signed up because there are only 2 seats left.  Does that make sense?  If you wanted to know definitely you could always call the store.

5.  Ease of signing up online:  The Joann's website is excellent.  It's very easy to navigate the classes.  You can view as a list or you can virtually view their adorable catalog.  It's very easy to see the times and stores where the class is being held.  And I recommend signing up online as opposed to in-store so you receive an email confirmation.

6.  The Class Catalog:  If you go in-store you can pick up their adorable class catalog that comes out every other month.  I think they are so cute I collect them!  You can also pick up a list of classes.  I wish they had this online.  It makes it really easy to see all the classes they are offering for the whole month at one time.

7.  In store display:  The teachers are required to make samples of every project they will be teaching.  So head over to the store if you want to see the projects in person.  I'm going to snap a photo of the display next time I'm there.

8.  Knowledgeable teacher:  My teacher knew everything about crochet, was the sweetest grandma, and crochets tons of items for charity.  Awwww.

What I would unravel about the class:

1.  Website snafu: It's hard to come up with something I didn't like about the class.  Hmm.  The only thing I can come up with is that every time I register for a class the default zip code setting is New Jersey.  I've changed it a million times and it still goes to New Jersey every time.  Why?  I don't know, snafu I guess.  It would be a lot easier to view the classes in my area if I didn't have to put in my zip code every time.

2.  List of all class times in one place:  As I mentioned above it would be nice to have the list view online instead of having to click on each individual class to see when it's offered.  Here's the list that you can pick up in store.


I'm giving this class 10 stitches out of 10 stitches.  If you want to learn to crochet this is the place to start! 

And just so you know, I don't work for Joann Stores and there are no affiliate links in this post.  I just LOVE Joann classes.  In fact, I've taken two more classes at Joann so keep an eye out for those reviews coming up!

Have you taken a great crochet class?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Mary Beth Cryan is a professional illustrator and writer of 17 published craft books. She has taken over a hundred art and craft classes including her BFA course work at Syracuse University. (FYI: I counted the classes. I should make a list! That would be an interesting blog post.)

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