Monday, February 5, 2018

Review of Creativebug's beginner crochet classes

Want to learn to crochet online?  Need a refresher course?  Or did you take a class in-person and then get home to realize that you didn't quite remember everything, like I did?  Please let me save you the hours of searching the internet for a decent YouTube video and just tell you that the best resource I've found on the internet for learning how to crochet is, hands down, Creativebug's crochet classes by Edie Eckman.

This is what happened when I got home from Joanns and tried to crochet a square.  Umm, definitely NOT square on those edges.

This is after I took Edie Eckman's class.  Look at the improvement!!  Learning stuff is so much fun!

Why I'm "hooked" on Edie Eckman's classes:
1. Nice short videos:  This lady does not waste time.  She hits the ground running, tells you what you need to know, and then signs off.  Her videos are 2 to 17 minutes long with most of them around 5 minutes.  This is perfect because I only have five minutes until my toddler asks for a refill of goldfish crackers and I have to get up off the couch for the hundredth time in the past hour. 

 2.  High quality video:  Eckman's videos are high quality and she uses thick yarn so you can easily see the stitches.

 3.  Three rows for each stitch:  This is what sets Eckman's videos apart from the videos on YouTube.  When learning a new stitch you need to be taught how to start the first stitch into the chain, crochet the first row into the chain row, crochet the the second row into the first row of stitches, end the row (crochet into the turning the chain), turn, and start the third row.  I got a little obsessed (as I tend to do) on finding this info for myself.  I could not find one video in almost 100 YouTube videos I watched or one diagram in close to 50 books I flipped through in multiple libraries in two states (l live on the border) that showed all this info together.  I searched and searched and searched.  I asked friends, I even went to craft shows and begged the crochet vendors to show me how to crochet into the turning chain, turn, chain, and start the next row but no one had a good explanation... until I found Edie.  THANK YOU EDIE!

4.  Five stitches covered AND how to read patterns: Eckman covers how to work a crochet chain, single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, treble crochet, AND how to read patterns.  All of the videos are clear.  I had absolutely no idea how to read a pattern and Eckman's class was my first introduction.  I still read a few more books on this topic before I felt completely comfortable.  I'll cover those in another post.  But after watching her video my mindset went from "I'll never learn how to read this crazy foreign crochet language" to "hey I think I can actually learn this."  Oh, and she covers those scary chart thingys too.

 5.  Free videos:  Even though this is a pay per month site you can watch a few classes for free.  Here's how.  Two of Edie's videos are always free.  So you can go see what a genius she is right now! Her "How to work a single crochet" video is free as well as her "How to read a crochet pattern".

 6. Experience:  FYI Edie Eckman is the Mac Mamma of crochet.  I checked her out on Amazon and she has close to 30 crochet books published books.  That's crazy!!  This lady knows her stuff. 

What I would unravel about this class: 

  1.  Slower on the turning chain:  The ONLY thing Eckman could improve on is the part of her videos where she crochets into the turning chain.  She does it quickly and her finger gets in the way a little.  After watching this part of the video about 30 times and pausing and rewinding and trying again (I told you I'm obsessive)  I was PRETTY sure I was doing it right but not 100% confident so my search continued.  I'll save you the suspense and let you know the BEST diagram of how to crochet into the turning chain is in the book "200 Fun Things to Crochet" on page 210.  I'll be doing a review of that book soon too.



  I give Edie Eckman's beginner Creativebug classes 9.5 stitches out of 10 stitches.  If you need a refresher crochet course or are looking for a great online crochet class instead of an in person class then this is the best I've found online!  Have you found any amazing online beginner crochet classes?  Please let me know in the comments below. 

Mary Beth Cryan is a professional illustrator and writer of 17 published craft books. She has taken over a hundred art and craft classes in her life including her BFA course work at Syracuse University.

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