Friday, September 18, 2015

Fashion Illustration is back and so am I

 Betsey Johnson

It's an exciting time for fashion illustration.  Thanks to Instagram, the genre is making a huge comeback. As you know I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE fashion and may know I used to do quite a bit of fashion illustrating on the side years ago.  So I am for sure, throwing my hat into the ring.

You may be expecting my old vector art style however, I'm back with a colorful, kooky, and hopefully clever colored pencil interpretation of fashion.  I'm adding my own personal spin to the genre with a bit of a newly acquired cavalier attitude.  The illustrations you see here are some of the art I created during New York Fashion Week. If you'd like to see my newest art, minutes after its creation please follow me on Instagram at @marybethcryan.

Speaking of New York Fashion Week did you follow the coverage?  It was an illustration extravaganza! Fashion Illustrators were live drawing at shows, live drawing at parties, live drawing at stores, live drawing backstage, drawing from home, drawing from New York, drawing on the other side of the earth, drawing, drawing, and more DRAWING!!  And people were paying attention.  Here's a list of pretty impressive press from this year to prove it:

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This is crazy people!  When was the last time illustrators got press like this?  It's all very exciting.  I hope this trend picks up steam and continues because I am hoping to hop aboard the wild ride. 
Tommy Hilfiger

Prabal Gurung