Friday, August 21, 2015

An apology to children artists

Dear Child Artists of the World,

I apologize.  On May 5, 2015 I shared my love of art made by children on this blog.  But then I completely belittled the genre by expressing my embarrassment about my love.  I realized my mistake this week while reading "Drawing for Older Children & Teens" by Mona Brookes.

In the book, Brookes sets artists up for success in the first chapter by explaining that many people need to let go of their preconceptions about judging art because their criteria in most cases is irrelevant.  Whoa! I have been using absurd comparisons to judge art and never realized it before.

For example, back when I created solely vector art I used to say, "I wish I was an oil painter instead of a vector artist because the best vector art will never be as good as the best oil painting."  I see now that comparison is completely absurd and led to unnecessary feelings of inferiority.  It's like saying the best apple will never be as good as the best orange.  Or the best football player will never be as good as the best baseball player.  You can't compare and so you shouldn't.  When these comparisons are made genre's of art, sports, fruit, etc. are disregarded.  I am guilty of disregarding the medium of vector art and children's art in this way.

This book is really good so far.  I've only read the first 11 pages but already a huge weight of judgement has been been lifted off my shoulders and I have a new appreciation of all art genres.  This is definitely going to help me be more realistic in judging my own work and keep me from backing myself into a judgement corner where no art is good enough. 

I'm going to keep reading and I'll let you know if I have any more epiphanies. 

Below is a drawing I did as a child.  I LOVE this drawing FYI. 

Here is a scribble project (the first project in the above mentioned book) completed by me this week.  It is really relaxing to put medium to paper and not be concerned one iota what the outcome will look like.  And as far as scribbles go I think it's pretty cool.