Friday, February 20, 2015

I love a free summit

I don't think I've admitted this before but I love me a free art summit!!  I really enjoyed Bonnie Glendinning's Thriving Artist Summit.  Everyone she interviewed has a class, book, or paid mentoring program which they talk about during their time.  So if you love someone, you can follow up and learn more from them.

I listened to almost all of the interviews and my favorite was Samantha Bennett.  She has AMAZING advice on how to get out of your own head, get unstuck, and get your art out to the world.  I'd go so far as to say her interview changed my life.  I listened to her interview twice and took notes.  I also listened twice to Ilese Benun's marketing advice and Lisa Congdon's living as a working artist views.  Both were excellent!

I just signed up for Jennifer Lee's "The Right-Brainers in Business video summit."  One of the interviewees is SARK.  What?!  My roommate in college had her inspirational artist poster hanging in our dorm room.  I can't wait for that one.

And of course, everyday is a free summit over at Smart Creative Women.  I've listened to A LOT of Monica Lee's interviews.  But I've decided I'm going to listen to them all over again in alphabetical order this year!  There are 156 guests and some have more than one interview.  Do you think I can do it?  We'll see.  So far I'm still on the Bs so it's not looking good.  I think I'll skip my own interview.  Only 149 more to go.  Ha-ha.

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