Thursday, June 20, 2013


I went to Sephora last week to find a new face wash to combat my shiny summer face.  I was blown away by how knowledgeable the sales people are there.  The guy I talked to knew everything there was to know about oily, sweaty, and sensitive skin.  He recommended Boscia's Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15 and Boscia's Clear Complexion Cleanser.  I love both.  I am particularly impressed with the moisturizer.  It dries completely matte.  I think I'm going to have to go back to get the night moisturizer too.

He also figured out that part of my shiny problem was that I had run out of the Bare Minerals veil and was using the powder without it.  Apparently the powder is very shiny without the veil.  I think he said it was because of the mica.  But I could be wrong.  I am annoyed about this because the last time I went to Bare Minerals to buy more powder the sales woman said the veil wasn't necessary and don't bother spending the $$.  What?  Anyway, I bought some more veil and was pleasantly surprised to find out it now comes in a travel compact.  Hooray! 

So the next time you see me make sure to notice how cool and matte I look in the hot summer heat!

 bareMinerals - bareMinerals READY™ Touch Up Veil Broad Spectrum SPF 15

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