Thursday, October 4, 2012

Highlights Illustrators Party

Every year, Highlights throws a big party at their headquarters in Honesdale, PA.  They invite all the illustrators that ever did any work for them.  I've done some paper engineering and illustrations for their Highlights High Five magazine so I've been regularly receiving the invitation.  But every year one of my friends gets married the same exact weekend as the party.  Until this year!!  I finally was available to attend.

The most anticipated event of the weekend is the costume party.  Ever wonder what happens when a large group of professional illustrators get together and are encouraged to dress up as super heroes? (That was the theme this year.)  Well, you are looking at the results!

I came as "Super Girly."  And that's the Bionic Woman on the right.  Thank goodness no one wore the same pink, sequined, floor length, Badgley Mischka gown.  THAT would have been embarrassing!

Here I am taking a bite out of a super "hero" sandwich.

Hungry man was there as well as

Undo and Black and Blue

the Revisionator and Pink Pearl

the Six Million Dollar Man and his wife the Bionic Woman

Glasses Girl and a pink Powerpuff Girl

the Brush Master

various sizes of Powerpuff Girls

Vincent Van Gogh

Super Clowns

Super Size and Glasses Girl

Super Frida and Souper Hero

and Frida Kahlo.
As well as various other humorous heroes.

If you'd like to see more photos Cheryl Kirk Noll as well as Chuck Dillon documented the weekend on their blogs.

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