Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Big E

I spent yesterday at The Big E.  It's my favorite state fair.  Although, it's really not a fair contest because The Big E doesn't just represent one state, it represents all the states in New England.  The main event is every state showing off their best food and wares in each of the six state themed houses (think Epcot for New England).  I ate a fruits de mer salad (RI), pickled egg (MA), maple syrup soda (MA), lobster roll (ME), hot wiener (RI), and empanada (regular fair vendor).  If my stomach was larger I also would have had a pumpkin slushy (CT), clear clam chowder (RI), corn on the cob (NH), blueberry juice (ME), maple syrup cotton candy (VT), smoked salmon (ME) and cider slushy (MA).  Oh man, now I'm hungry.

There are a lot of great sights at the fair.  My two favorites were both in the CT house.  Pez had some great new dispenser packs.

Lego had a clever booth where children were making works of art on small square white lego boards and then displaying them on custom easels.

And there is lots of shopping.  I bought two kinds of soap (VT), a funny cat frame (better living building) and some amazing glue that can glue anything non-porous with a flat surface together including glass, rubber, metal, vinyl, plastic, acrylic, coins, etc. (better living building).  I made some really cute post earrings today.  If you see me around town check out my ears.  I might be wearing my new penny earrings, or scrabble chip earrings, or glass bead earrings, or button earrings.

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