Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brimfield Purchases

As promised, here are photos of my Brimfield purchases.

This is a vintage beaded necklace from Afghanistan.  Isn't it amazing!  It is a foot wide at it's widest point.  It's going to make a white v-neck and jeans look stellar.  I can't wait to wear it.  I just need to add some type of clasp and I'll be styling.  This is my favorite purchase of the day.

This necklace, although not old, is also from out of the country.  It's from Tibet (or the country formally known as Tibet).  This necklace is large too.  The carved bone area is 3" tall.  I was hesitant to buy something made from bone.  The Tibetan salesman assured me that the yak that supplied the bone fed 200 people the day it perished and out of respect no part of the animal was discarded.  The bones were made into jewelry instead of thrown away.  I hope that is true Mr. Yak.
 This little paper engineered gem was the most interesting greeting card I saw at the show.  The engineering is quite clever.  It's all one piece that is die-cut and folded back on itself.
 Here's the paisley I mentioned in my previous post.  It's carved wood and from Pakistan.  The antiques from out of the U.S. fascinated me.  I have plans of stamping something with it or maybe just admiring how cool it is.

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