Monday, April 30, 2012

Favor Box Centerpieces

Farm Party Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at

I'm very excited to announce my collaboration with Creative Converting.  The line of favor box centerpieces that I conceptualized, illustrated, and paper engineered for them is now in stores!

Each centerpiece is built out of 12 favor boxes.  It comes flat in a 9" x 12" polybag.  There is very little assembly.  The boxes just need to be folded into shape, filled with treats, and stacked.  Then a few pieces of art are slid in between the boxes and the centerpiece is ready to be displayed!  It's quite cool!

In case you're in the market for a fun centerpiece I've placed the website where you can buy each one underneath it.  Click on the name of the website to be directed to the centerpiece.  I could not find one website where all of them are available.

I hope my centerpieces can come to your next party!!

Pirate Party Favor Box Centerpiece
 Available at

Princess Castle Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at

Ladybug Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at
Pile of Presents Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at
Cupcake Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at

Baby Block Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at
Duck Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at

Teapot Favor Box Centerpiece
Available at

Wedding Dress Box Centerpiece

Friday, April 27, 2012

Student Fashion Shows

Student fashion shows can be very good or very bad.  The only one I've ever been to in this area is the RISD student fashion show and that one is AMAZING!!  I've already bought my tickets for this year!

The Boston Fashion Week website has a great list of all the student fashion shows coming up in the area.  I'm going to have to check out a few.  Here's the list:


TUESDAY APRIL 17, 2012, 6:30PM
LA FASHION SOIRÉE - Featuring Project Debussy student fashion designers.
French Cultural Center, Boston MA
Celebrate the beginning of the student fashion show season in Boston!
Tickets: $6-12
For more information:

FASHION UNLEASHED - Bay State College Fashion Show
Dorothy Quincy Suite, Boston MA
For more information:
(617) 217-9402 /
On Facebook:

Liberty Hotel, Boston MA
Featuring Project Debussy student fashion designers
9pm - 2pm/Fashion Show 10pm
Complimentary admission with required guest list
or table reservation:

SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2012, 7:30PM
ELEGANZA 2012 - Harvard University Fashion Show
Lavietes Pavillon, Cambridge MA
Tickets are $15/$20 at the door.
For more information:

RUNWAY 2012 - Lasell College Fashion Show
Lasell College Athletic Center, Newton MA
Tickets: $25-50
For more information:

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2012, 7PM
FASHION CLUB'S RUNWAY - Framingham State University Fashion Show
Framingham State University
Dwight Hall Gymnasium, Framingham MA
Ticket information:

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2012, 3PM
FEARLESS IDENTITY - Fisher College Fashion Show
Fisher College Alumni Hall
116 Beacon Street, Boston MA
$5 Students $10 General Admission

SATURDAY, MAY 5, 2012, 6:30PM
PULSE - Mount Ida College Fashion Show
Cyclorama, Boston MA
Tickets: $20-28
For more information:
FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012, 3PM/5PM/8PM
FASHION SHOW 2012 - 3 MassArt Fashion Shows
Revere Hotel - Space 57, Boston MA
Tickets $25 No tickets at the door.
For tickets:
For more information: 617.879.7676.

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2012, 2PM
COLLECTION 2012 - School of Fashion Design Fashion Show
Boston Park Plaza, Boston MA
Tickets: $50
For ticket and more information:
617.536.9343 or email

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012 and FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2012, 8PM
COLLECTION 2012 - Rhode Island School of Design Fashion Show
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence RI
Preview/Rehearsal Show Tickets (5/17): Advance $17 Door $22
Show Tickets (5/18): $42-$62
Tickets available starting May 2, 2012 at the
Dunkin Donuts Center box office starting May 2, 2012
For more information: 401.454.6741 or


FRIDAY, APRIL 13 thru FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2012 
BLUE WRAP Group Design Exhibit
Framingham State University
Henry Whittemore Library, Framingham MA

FRIDAY, MAY 4,2012, 1:30PM to 3:30PM
Hemenway Hall, Framingham MA

MONDAY, MAY 7, thru FRIDAY MAY 25, 2012
FORM to FASHION - Framingham State University Exhibit
Natick Mall, Natick MA
Opening Reception: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 6:30PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Documentaries

I enjoyed Henson's Place so much that I went searching on itunes for more art related documentaries. I rented The Pixar Story and Waking Sleeping Beauty. I highly recommend both! The fascinating thing about the movies (which I did not know before renting them) is that they start with the same footage! Eight minutes into the Pixar movie you see the same footage that starts off the Disney movie. The two stories run side by side for many years and then finally merge. I recommend watching Waking Sleeping Beauty first because it ends before Pixar and Disney collaborate. Then watch The Pixar Story to see what was going on at the parallel time and what eventually becomes of both companies. I think I'm going to watch Welcome to Macintosh next. Because that story should overlap as well.

I also happen to be reading "Imagine, How Creativity Works" by Jonah Lehrer. It's about the brain science of creativity and how the findings can be used by professionals in creative fields. It mentions the creative innovations adapted by Pixar such as community spaces and morning critiques. I was excited to see footage of both of these in The Pixar Story. I highly recommend this book. I can't put it down.

I added two quotes from The Pixar Story to my quote list (in my left blog column):

1. When asked what Pixars secret formula was Brad Bird replied, "It's really pretty simple. Everyone here loves films. And they just want to make something that they themselves want to see."

2. "If you really look closely most overnight successes took a long time." -Steve Jobs