Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Things I don't understand about Fashion Star

I love a good reality show about art, design, and/or fashion. Heck, I even love a bad reality show about art, design, and/or fashion. So when I saw an advertisement for Fashion Star last month I was excited. But kind of confused about the details of the show. The show has now aired twice. I've watched both episodes and I like it. But I'm still confused about a lot of details. Here is a list of things I'm confused about:

1. Who is sewing the clothes that appear on the runway? How many people does each designer have helping them?

2. How long do they have to make the clothes?

3. The designers clothes are often styled with other clothes for the runway shows. Who designed these other clothes? Where do the other clothes come from?

4. Where is the fabric coming from? How much do they have to choose from?

6. Do the designers have a material budget?

7. Who retains the rights to the designs?

8. Who is producing the clothes that are being sold in the stores? The show? The stores? The designer? A third party?

9. Where is the money that the buyers are bidding (and paying for the clothes) going? The sum seams arbitrary. Is it only going to the production of the clothes? Is there any profit and if so who is it going to? The party involved in producing the clothes? The factory making the clothes? The show producers? Is the artist getting a percentage?

10. Are the designers on the show making any money on all these sales? Are they getting a percentage? Are they doing all this work for free?

11. Do they get a percentage of the final 6 million dollar order? And if so, how much? How much money do they win at the end of the show?

I like the show but I don't understand why it's so confusing. Jessica Simpson, please help me understand!

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