Friday, March 30, 2012

Henson's Place, The Man behind the Muppets

The most inspiring pieces of art in the world are the works that have been created out of the shear joy of creating, express the artist's unique vision, and have been executed to the best of the artist's ability by someone who is an expert in their field. Consequently, I find all of Jim Henson's work inspiring. He was an artistic genius that the world lost too early.

I recently watched "Henson's Place, The Man behind the Muppets". I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it. The film is a celebration of Henson's creative genius. It was shot while he was alive. It is very inspiring to hear him talk about his passion for the Muppets. It is available for download on itunes.


Betty Stoutenberg said...

Mary Beth, I think you would like "Being Elmo" also. It's a great story of a child's imagination taking him on a lifelong journey. Creativity abounds.

Mary Beth Cryan said...

Thanks Betty! I'll check it out.