Sunday, January 29, 2012

Broken Ankle

Ugh. I broke my ankle (fractured my talar neck bone to be precise). However, I do believe I broke it in the most glamorous way possible. 1. I tripped on a badly assembled riser at a fashion show during Styleweek Providence. 2. It was being held at the fanciest hotel in Providence, the Biltmore, 3. I was in the fanciest room in the hotel, the Grand Ballroom. 4. I was dressed to the nines in a custom blouse by the featured designer of the night Nicole Lebreux. and 5. After I broke it Jonathan Joseph Peters (from season 7 of Project Runway and the most well known fashion designer in Rhode Island) ran to my rescue and applied ice to my ankle. He's not only talented but super nice and caring.

So unfortunately I broke my ankle but fortunately I did it in style!

I found this photo (that's me digging in my purse) on Brittany Taylor's facebook page. It's from the Monday fashion show (I broke my ankle at Wed.'s show). I'm flanked by the two talented artists Laura Gilbertson (Illustrator) and Joseph Aaron Segal (Fashion Knitter).

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