Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Styleweek Providence 2011

Last week was a VERY exciting week in Providence, RI. It was Styleweek AND it was the first Styleweek EVER that was open to the public. I was ecstatic and bought tickets to three of the six nights.

Styleweek Providence is a mini NYC Fashion Week. It featured mostly local designers and some from out of town as well, including three former Project Runway contestants (Jonathan Joseph Peters, David Chum, and Peach Carr)! In addition, Ben Chmura and Derek "Fabulous" Warburton were in attendance. I met both of them and they were lovely.

Friday was the only night I had seats that were good for picture taking. But unfortunately I still have my sad, dying camera. So my pictures are pretty bad. But here they are anyway. I promise I'll have a better camera and better photos for the next Styleweek. If you want to see some much, much better photos check out Brittanny Taylor Photography's facebook page.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jane from I am the Everyday Girl. I highly recommend her Styleweek coverage here.

Here I am with my Mom on the red carpet. I'm wearing my Wayne Clark vintage skirt and a shirt from Anthropologie.

The Joseph Segal JAS show was my favorite from Friday night. Although, it was really hard to choose. He inched ahead only because I own one of his crazy kitty sweaters. He does really innovative knitwear.

That's him on the left.

Kelly Eident's dresses were adorable. I like her because her clothes were 80s inspired and she designs laser cut jewelry. FYI I love anything laser cut.
Sarah Prost's collection was sophisticated and beautifully finished. Good news, you can purchase her clothes at Feminine Fancies in Barrington, RI.

I told you Peach and Ben were there.

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