Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FYI Polka Dot is the new Stripe

Stripes, stripes, everyone is wearing stripes! People are even wearing them as neutrals which I think is really cool. But what's next? I predict pocka dots! If you doubt me take a look at Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection.

marc jacobs fall 2011 polka trend
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Monday, June 6, 2011


Recently I participated in two clothing swaps. And it turns out they are really fun and not at all icky or scary like you may think. In a clothing swap, each person brings a bag of clothes that she no longer wants but are still in close-to-new condition. All the clothes are put out on tables. Once all the clothes are put out, everyone can take as much as they want for free (plus the entrance fee if there is one).

The trick to a clothing swap is you want to participate in the ones that fashionistas and shopaholics attend. Those will have the best clothes. Fortunately, the two swaps I attended were hosted by the Swapaholics. They are a professional fashion swap event coordinating company. They host swaps all over the U.S.. Lots of fashionable ladies were in attendance at both events because of the group's excellent reputation. In fact, I spotted a few of my favorite Boston fashion bloggers there! If you'd like to see some photos from the even click here.

Here is what I grabbed at the first swap:
a Helmut Lang tee
an Old Navy tank
an American Apparel tee
a Bergdorf Goodman long sleeve tee
a Forever 21 long sleeve tee
a shiny silver turtle neck
a pair of yoga pants
& a cream blouse.

At the second swap I had a better strategy and really good luck. I grabbed:
5 vintage dresses
1 Forever 21 dress
2 jackets
a pair of capris
a funny cat tee
& a cropped, vintage, short sleeve sweater!!

If you are looking for a swapping event near you check out the Swapaholics event website here. See you at the next Boston swap!!