Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Shopping in New York

I just returned home from the National Stationery Show and Surtex show in New York City. I met with some of my wonderful current clients and some fabulous soon to be new clients. I had dinner with current friends, old friends, and my brother. And I OF COURSE went shopping! This time I was on a mission for vintage and secondhand clothing. Here are my best finds:

Shareen Vintage - Amazing beautiful vintage store for women only - I can not say enough wonderful things about this store. It was very big for New York. The clothes were unique, beautiful, and in perfect condition. The saleswoman was a joy and extremely knowledgeable about the clothing and flattering women's body types. Everything was reasonably priced too. I got an amazing silk blouse for $36. Dresses ran around $40 and up. I first heard about this store on the show "Dresscue Me." It's a must watch if you are into vintage. It's on Planet Green, Thursday nights at 8pm. If you don't get Planet Green you can download the show on itunes. The store is a bit difficult to find because they don't have a big sign outside. It's located at 13 West 17 th St. between 5th and 6th Ave. Their name is on the buzzer. To further confuse the matter, there is a 13 East 17th St. one block over. So make sure you have West not East. It's totally worth the search!!!!! And good news, there is also one in LA if you are on the other coast.

Photos care of www.stylecaster.com.
Angela's Vintage Boutique - Vintage, second hand designer, and consignment store - I highly recommend this store as well. They carry modern designer clothes, modern clothes that look vintage, and vintage clothes. So do not assume everything is vintage because it's not. The prices for their second hand designer clothes are AMAZING! I got a beautiful, never worn, Victor and Rolf jacket for $40. I learned about this store from Shop NYC Tours. They give shopping tours of the city. You can have a private tour, a bus tour, or for only $9.95 they will email you a walking tour for you to explore on your own. I bought the vintage tour and it was EXCELLENT. I only got through about a quarter of the stores. I can't wait to continue the tour on my next NYC trip. They also have a fashionista favs tour, home decor tour, unique gifts tour, sample sale secrets, and recession specials tour. Angela's has two stores and I visited them both. The person who buys for this store has the exact same taste as me. I will definitely be visiting both stores EVERY time I visit NYC.

Photo via www.helenhearts.blogspot.com

Encore - The first designer consignment shop in the U.S. - This store is unbelievable. I was literally flipping out as I was shopping. I was looking for a skirt and I had my choice of Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga, Burberry, Mui Mui, Prada, Valentino, and others I'm forgetting all for under $100 and most for around $40! FYI I decided on the Balenciaga. If you love beautiful designer clothing and don't care that it's not this season's, then this is the store for you. My Balenciaga skirt is from the 2009 resort collection. It still had the tags on it! I learned about this store from www.sammydavisvintage.com . "Sammy D's" passion in life is vintage clothing. She has an amazing blog full of thrifting, vintage, shopping, and styling tips. I highly recommend her blog, especially her fun videos.

womens consignment fashion at encore consignment in new york city

Photos via www.sammydvintage.com

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