Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wearing Accessories

I've been inspired by some new fashionable friends to start wearing more accessories. I hardly ever wear them. I always feel like they make me look like I'm trying too hard. But I came across these two photos today that really hit home the magic of accessories.

The first photo is a picture of Marc Jacob's Silk-Jacquard dress styled by Marc Jacobs for his spring 2011 runway show. I loved the dress so much that I looked it up on the Neiman Marcus site. Not shockingly I can't afford it, but shockingly I didn't even recognize the dress at first in the catalog photo (see the second photo). It looks so dull when not paired with the accessories. It needed that pop of (what is that color? mustard? yellow? marigold?) to make it shine.

Photo from

Marc Jacobs Silk Circle-Jacquard Dress
Photo from Nieman


Felicia said...

I agree. I think you can appreciate the amazing design of the dress even more since the accessories definitely accentuate it's beauty!

Felicia said...

The accessories really add to the beauty of the dress itself. I think you appreciate the beauty of the dress even more due to the pop of colour in the accessories!!!