Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland by Mary Beth Cryan

It is finally time to reveal the big project that I worked on all last summer! My first book "Winter Wonderland: Charming Winter Paper Sculptures for Parties, Holidays, and Home Decor" is now available to purchase! I conceptualized, illustrated, wrote, and engineered the book. It is being sold exclusively through Barnes and Noble. I don't know if it's in the stores yet but it's available on their website here: Winter Wonderland

It comes in a beautiful gift box with 12 winter themed paper projects for you to pop out and assemble (no cutting required). It also contains a book with photos of the projects, instructions, instructional illustrations, some information about me, a paper craft resource section, and additional templates that you can photocopy (so you can make the projects over and over after you use up the pop out pieces that are included in the kit). It also comes with a pre-assembled 3D squirrel ornament. And would you believe the whole kit is only $14.95?

Here are some photos: