Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pop-up wedding invitation

My wedding invitations are in the mail! And of course, this illustrator/paper engineer could NOT have an ordinary invitation. This invite was illustrated, engineered, designed, and assembled by me! I had help with the assembly from my future sister in law, current sister in law, future Aunt in law, my mom, and my cousin. Thank you everyone!!

The invitation depicts the building we are having our reception in. It is cut out of a single sheet of white paper with no gluing and has burgundy rice paper adhered to the back.


ChatRabbit said...

So gorgeous! And more so in real life!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! How gorgeous.
I found you through one of your comments on Shannon's Make It! Blog. I live in RI and am an Illustrator as well! So nice to run across your work!

Shallon Jessop said...

These are gorg!! I would really love to do something similar but with a pop up boat. Would appreciate if you could assist with some further detail as to how to go about this. Thanks

Tamanna Farhana said...

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