Monday, May 25, 2009

Louie Award Winner

I am absolutely thrilled to share that I won a Louie Award for the "Urban New Year Card" that I conceptualized, illustrated and engineered for the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art NYC)!

For those of you not familiar with the Louies, the award is the "Grammy" of the Greeting Card Industry. It recognizes the most outstanding cards marketed in the previous calendar year.

Two of my cards were nominated by the MoMA and both cards were finalists in their categories. My "Bumper Sticker" card was a finalist in the category "Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal Boxed/Catalogue - Humorous above $1.25". My "Urban New Year" Card won the Louie in the category "Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal Counter - General $3.00 and Below".

I traveled to New York City last week to attend the award ceremony (and the National Stationery Show/Surtex show). It was an exciting night.

I am so thankful to the MoMA for giving me the opportunity to compete in this arena and obtain this career goal.

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ChatRabbit said...

Yay, trophies! I still want to see the Louie with The Kitties!