Friday, October 31, 2008

What the heck Martha Stewart?

You would not believe the mean thing that Martha Stewart did to me! I bet that caught your attention.

I always comment on the Martha Stewart wedding blog and 2 weeks ago I got a call asking if I would be interested in being on the Martha Stewart cake special for the Style Network. They were looking for Brides for a cake tasting. They called 7 times to gather information about me and had me send them a photo of myself. On Tuesday 10/28, they invited me to definitely be on the show. They congratulated me, yada-yada. On Thursday 10/30 they emailed to confirm the time, place, and what I would be wearing. The shooting was supposed to be Monday 11/3 at 9am. I was sooooo excited! I already picked out my outfit and everything. Then I get a call today (Friday 10/31) at 2:30 canceling on me. They said they originally were going to do a segment on food allergies but decided to just do it on regular cake tasting. I told them that was okay, I would eat dairy and get a stomach ache for Martha but she said I'd already been replaced. I told her I was very disappointed and she said, "At least we didn't ask you to bake 600 cupcakes and then cancel on you like what happened to someone else." Gee, thanks for that!!

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Sue said...

That stinks