Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The competition

The competition at the Big E Cake Decorating competition was FIERCE!! It was impossible to tell who was going to win which is why I was so surprised to take home Best in Show. These cakes were so amazing that it makes me feel very, very honored to have won Best in Show among these extremely talented cake decorators.

There were many other cakes too but some of them were removed quickly after judging or had such a big crowd around them that I was unable to get photos!

My division was "adult, non-professional". These first cakes were some of my favorites in my division.

This cake tied me for first in our division.

The detail on this cake was spectacular. I believe they tied for second.

I think this was the second, second place winner. I love the cream puff!

I love the butter! This cake got a yellow honorable mention ribbon. I'm not sure if that means third or just honorable mention.

Check out the AMAZING color flow work on this cake. And I love the shredded wheat as hay!! So clever!!

This cake was huge!! Bravo!!

The following cakes were in the "adult, professional division" and were amazing! I thought the cow was going to win best in show for sure!

Second place was beautiful.

Third had amazing detail.

And fourth was adorable!

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