Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best in Show!! The Big E Cake Decorating Competition

I had the most amazing day yesterday! I entered a cake in the first ever Big E Fair Cake Decorating Competition and won BEST IN SHOW!! I'm still bursting with excitement today! I also won "Viewers Choice" AND got first place in the "adult, non-professional division."

For any of you who don't know, the Big E stands for the Big Eastern States fair. It's the big fair for all of New England since none of the states here have their own fair. It's the biggest and best fair I've ever been to. And the food ranges from typical fair food to gourmet!!

This year was the first ever, Big E Cake Decorating Competition. The competition has been advertised for months on every cake decorating magazine and website around. They had a competition in the morning and one in the afternoon. The two groups did NOT compete against each other. The theme for the contest was "Fun at the Big E." I did a cake that looked like it was the pumpkin that won the first place ribbon in the Giant Pumpkin contest. The blue ribbon attached to the pumpkin is actually fondant!!

Here I am with my cake and there's my beautiful purple Best in Show ribbon and my "Giant Pumpkin" cake.

I've attached many more pictures of the competition, the fair, and the making of my cake in the posts below!

Thank you to the Big E and the judges!!


ChatRabbit said...

That's a big award...the Big E is, well...BIG!
Congrats on your new ribbons!
The girls love this cake...they want a piece!

Melissa said...

I read about your win on Cake Central.. that's EXCELLENT! Congratulations! I hope they do this next year too! I'm surprised that it was real cake. The fair entry i'm going for next week allows dummies. I'm impressed!!!

Melinda said...

That is one impressive cake.

dai said...

Congratulations on your win! (I read about it on CC too.) That's a great looking pumpkin!

You're sandwich cake is amazing as well!