Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attention Competitive Cake Decorators

©Mary Beth Cryan 2008

I was searching the web for cake decorating contests in New England and I found the following contests. Please do not rely solely on the information I posted here. I just copied it off of websites, I may have a typo. Please go to the websites and check the info for yourselves. I'd hate for someone to show up on the wrong date with their cake because of a typo!

Some of these are non-professional only so please check that too. Also please note that sometimes you drop off the day of judging and sometimes the day before. Don't assume the judging day is the drop off day!

Drop off cake Aug 14 1pm to 8pm or 15 10-4:30
Date of judging ?
Register when you drop off.
1. Theme=do your own theme
2. Decorated cake


Register by mail before Aug. 28
Wed. Sept. 3rd judging (I think drop off is Wed. but I'm not sure)

This was unclear on the website but I think register by Sept. 17th and judging on Sept . 24
1. Theme=Olympics
2. Decorated Cake

Register by Sept. 1
Drop off Wed. Sept. 10th Judging Sept. 11

Sign up by Oct. 2
Drop off Oct. 12 Sun.. 8am to 9am

Sign up by Aug. 15th
Drop off Sept. 16th 9am and 3 pm
Theme: Fun at the Big E

Will I see any of you there? I want some good competition!!


ChatRabbit said...

So, which ones are you going to go to? Better start baking now!!

Mary Beth Cryan said...

I'm definitely doing the Big E and I'll hopefully get to Hebron, the four town fair, and Riverton!