Monday, July 21, 2008

Ta-Da!! It's cake!!

©Mary Beth Cryan 2008

And here it is, my first sculpted cake. I completed it in my Wilton Cake Sculpting Class. I really enjoyed the class and I can't wait to make my next sculpted cake!! Thanks Laurie Bradach for a wonderful class!!!

the purse, notice the airbrushing

a shoe

a box with a sweater spilling out, notice the textures

I documented the making of the wine bottle.

First I stacked and sculpted the cake. The top would be too thin in cake so I used styrofoam. I also could have made the top out of rice crispy treats.

Then I covered it with a buttercream layer.

Finally, I added the fondant and royal icing details. I did not roll the fondant out thin enough so the fondant started to sag causing the bottle to be slightly misshappen. Don't worry, I'll get it right next time!!


Amanda said...

Hi! Just stopping by for the first time and the purse, shoe and hat box cake looks amazing. That is so neat!

Scratch said...

Regular Ace of Cakes!

monicalee said...

Yeah! very cool!

Lesley Breen Withrow said...

Wow, incredible!!! The Wilton School looks amazing too.

Meg said...

That is the most amazing cake ever!

Mary Beth Cryan said...

Thanks!! It was also the most fun cake to make ever!!

ChatRabbit said...

HOLY COW! This is NOT what I was thinking of when you said "cake decorating". VERY awesome!

Glenna said...

It's wonderful! You did a fantastic job. I lvoe the way you put it together.

Melinda said...

I love the purse and shoes, so clever