Monday, May 5, 2008

3 year anniversary

Hooray, this month is my 3 year anniversary of being a full-time freelancer! And my 15 year anniversary of my first job. I've decided to reflect on some of the many jobs and internships I had over the past 15 years.

Here is a list of all the jobs I've had. The time I worked at any given place varied from 1 day to 4 years.

In chronological order:
Paul Cryan Photography (Darkroom Technician)
Some Design studio that I can't remember the name of (Web Design Intern)
Stop and Shop (Cake Decorator)
Syracuse University admissions (Application Sorter)
Cook's Source Magazine (Food Photography Intern)
Shirtworld (Syracuse T-Shirt Saleswoman)
Yoe! Studio (Graphic and Toy design Intern)
Design Innovation (Toy Design Intern)
CNY Publishing (Graphic Designer and Customer Service Rep.)
MRA (Advertising Design intern)
Accessory Network (Girl's Room Accessory Designer)
Design Nuova (Socks and other Fashion Accessories Designer)
Club Earth/Easy Aces/Fred (Toy and Housewares Designer)
Mary Beth Cryan (Freelance Illustrator and Paper Engineer)

Whew, that was a long and winding road full of hard work and many fun coworkers!

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monicalee said...

Congrats to you!!!