Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pop-Up Card Lesson: Valentine's Day Spiral

This lesson teaches you how to incorporate photos of the ones you love into a Valentine's Day Spiral greeting card. This lesson does not have a downloadable template because you don't need one. This card was designed by me, Mary Beth Cryan.
© 2008 Mary Beth Cryan


1. Cut a piece of paper 5" x 10" and fold it in half to create the card body.

2. Measure and cut a circle that has a diameter of 4.75"

3. Draw this funny little shape on one side of the circle.

4. Draw a spiral on the circle. I drew mine in marker but you may want to draw in pencil so you can erase the lines after.

5. Cut out the before mentioned "funny little shape."

6. Cut out the spiral.

7. Turn over the spiral and add a glue dot in the very center.

8. Turn the card back over and position the spiral on the card as shown.

9. Press down on the center firmly to adhere the center in place with your furry, little, white paw.

10. Adhere a glue dot to the end of the spiral.

11. Close the card and press down to adhere with the same furry, white paw.

12. Open the card and you should have a beautiful, big spiral. If you want your spriral on the other side of the card, just turn the card 180 degrees.

11. Cut little hearts out of various papers and photos.

12. Glue the hearts onto the spiral and surrounding card.

13. Make sure that all your hearts fit inside the card when it's closed.

Congratulations, you're done with the pop-up! Now decorate the front and add a greeting. I would love to see what you've done with the pop-up so don't hesitate to email me pictures of your pop-up creations.

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