Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pop-Up Card Lesson: Fortune Cookie

This lesson teaches you how to make a pop-up fortune cookie, complete with fortune (of course). The pop-up was designed by me, Mary Beth Cryan. You can download the cutting lines in step number 1.

© 2008 Mary Beth Cryan


1. Download the cutting lines by clicking here.

2. Cut a stiff piece of paper 6" x 8" and fold it in half to create the card body.

3. Tape the cookie cutting lines to a piece of "cookie" colored paper. Tape the fortune cutting lines to "fortune" colored paper (I used regular, white card stock). The stiffer scrapbook paper works best.

4. Using a ruler and a bone folder (or ballpoint pen) make dents along the folding line. This will insure that you fold in exactly the right spots.

5. Cut out the pieces.

6. Ink around the edges of the cookie to give it a yummy "browned" looked.

7. Fold on the indents you made earlier. Reference the picture to determine which direction the folds should go (mountain or valley).

8. Apply glue to the front of the fortune piece in the indicated area.

9. Turn over both the cookie and the fortune. Glue the fortune so it fits perfectly inside your cut lines and your fold lines. This piece should NOT overlap any edges or folds.

10. Fold the cookie back to the front and write your sentiment on the fortune.

11. On the inside fold of your card. Measure down 2.25" from the top and make a dot on the crease.

12. On the back of the cookie, apply glue to the two indicated areas (the flaps).

13. Line up the point where all 3 creases meet (on the bottom edge of the cookie) to the dot you made on the crease. Also, line up the middle crease in the cookie and the middle crease in your card PERFECTLY and press down the areas with glue.

14. Your card should look like this.

15. Close the card. The cookie and fortune should fit perfectly inside the card. If any part is sticking out then you probably didn't glue the point exactly 2.25" from the top of the card. If the card does not close easily then you probably didn't line up your creases perfectly. Go back and try to glue again.

16. My piece of paper was not double sided this time so I cut another piece of paper 6" x 4".

17. And glued it on the front.

Congratulations, you're done with the pop-up! Now decorate the front and add a greeting. I would love to see what you've done with the pop-up so don't hesitate to email me pictures of your pop-up creations.

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Download the cutting lines by clicking here.

Download the Terms of Use by clicking here.

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