Monday, December 31, 2007

Pop-Up Card Lesson: Bloomin' Flower

This lesson teaches you how to make a Bloomin' Flower pop out of your greeting card creations. The pop-up was designed by me, Mary Beth Cryan. You can download the cutting lines in step number 1.



1. Download the cutting lines by clicking here.

2. Print them out on plain typing paper. Tape the cutting lines to your choice of patterned paper. This pop-up works well with the heavier type of scrapbook paper.

3. Cut out another piece of paper 4" x 8" for the card. Fold in half.

4. Make an indent in the paper on the dotted, fold lines. This will insure you fold in the exact spot. I prefer to use a bone folder and a ruler. A ballpoint pen works well too.

5. Cut out the shapes.

6. Fold on the indents you made earlier. See the picture to determine which direction the folds should go (mountain or valley).

7. Fold up the flower and put glue on the indicated area. I prefer to use a white glue. My favorite glue is Jade 711 but Elmers works well too. A glue stick will work but I find it doesn't hold over time as well as white glue.

8. Press the glued area to the card. Make sure to line up the point of the card in the center. The point should touch the middle of the crease. If you have problems opening or closing your card you probably didn't glue the point RIGHT in the middle of the crease.

9. Apply glue to the other side of the flower.

10. Open the flower and press down on the glued areas. DO NOT close the card before you have opened the flower and pressed down. This will cause the flower to glue in the wrong area and you may have problems getting the flower to lie flat when you reopen the card.

11. The flower should fold into the card when you close it. If it doesn't, peel off the flower and try to glue it down closer to the center.

12. The flower should be totally hidden by the card.

Congratulations, you're done with the pop-up! Now decorate the front and add a greeting. I would love to see what you've done with the pop-up so don't hesitate to email me pictures of your pop-up creations.

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Download the cutting lines by clicking here.

Download the Terms of Use by clicking here.


monicalee said...

Liz told me you were BLOGGIN FOOL! Wow! Look at you! You go girl!

Flyleaf Books said...

Love this idea for a pop up card. I make books by hand and use the same folding for the pages of a lotus book but I never thought to use just one and crop the edges to make a shape for the inside of a card. Very clever!