Friday, December 7, 2007

Cards for sale in New Hartford, CT

If you live in New Hartford, CT and you are interested in purchasing my Christmas pop-up cards then you are in luck! They are now for sale at the Beekley library in New Hartford, CT.

Below is an excerpt from the Beekley Library's email newsletter:

Artist’s Holiday Cards for Sale at The Beekley

Mary Beth Cryan -- illustrator, designer, and pop-up paper engineer -- has donated a selection of her holiday greeting cards, featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA) Holiday Collection, to the Library. She has also signed the back of each individual card. The Library is selling the cards at the same price that you would pay if you bought them at MoMA’s gift shop or online through the museum’s catalog, and all proceeds will go to the Library.

Mary Beth Cryan grew up in New Hartford and attended Bakerville and Antolini Schools. She graduated from Regional #7 and then from Syracuse University. She currently lives in Rhode Island, where she works as a freelance artist. She has designed toys, surface pattern designs, greeting cards, gift bags, and a children’s pop-up book that will be published in 2008. To learn more about her work, visit her website at


Barbara Hagerty said...

What a sweet little guy!

ChatRabbit said...

Just want to jump in here and say,

"I'm LOVIN' the blog, baby!"


Tammy said...

Good words.